Ode to 2012 – Poetry – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

I was inspired to right (or write) this after one too many emails from profiteering shysters trying to

make a buck off of people’s fear and confusion.

Ode to 2012

2012, 2012 Mystical 2012 12, 012, 2012

End of the world?

2012, 2012, Magical 2012? 2012, 12 and 12

Consciousness swirl?

2012, 2012 Madness is 2012 12, 12, and 2012

Hollywood hurls.

2012, 2012, Tired old 2012, Priests, Prophets, Pundits,

Give anus the whirl.

2012, 2012, Beguile them, 2012 Red, black, and yellow

Beat their drums to the wind

2012,2012, Fear rises 2012, John Cusack, 2012?

Had respect once for him.

2012, 2012 What happens 2012? Priests profit money,

And authors, they win.

Books will be printed And conferences called And the bandwagon rolled out,

To profit from fall.

They’ll frighten the children, And minds they’ll unhinge, And fear will they fester,

This lunatic fringe

Waves their balls in the air, And with peacock like flair Declare this thing or that,

And you’d better prepare.

But 2012, 2012, A big joke is 2012 A sign for discernment,

A clue in the wind.

You see someone preach 2012? Their discernment is on the shelf. For we know by their “knowing”,

They are filled up with sin .

For no God in the heaven, Or Spirit in Earth, Or ancient space traveler,

Or trickster of worth

Would preach ultimatum, Or say “ending is near,” Or threaten the children,

Or sow ‘round deep fear.

So instead I cry welcome, And say what it’s for, Tell you look to the future,

And consider this more.

2012 is but nothing, A spot on the wall, A point in creation,

Unrelated to all.

A inkblot, A Rorschach, A tool, nothing more. It reveals what is inside,

Just like opening a door.

It says “here there is fear,” And “there there is anger,” And in him is much “pain”

For all childhood’s lost laughter.

And there, he is greedy. And she likes the power, That comes from one knowing

“The time and the hour.”

So when priest, profit, pundit preaches end from the rafter Don’t jump onto the wagon,

Don’t start preaching hereafter.

Just smile and nod knowing, Let this truth fill your brain. 2012?

It’s not nothing but a diverging lane.

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