Parables –

The parables that I write are designed to expand on the information contained in my books. In the parables I talk, in metaphoric form, about the ascension and the “end times” and the purpose of creation and so on. These will be cute little stories to you if you haven’t read my books, but if you have read my books, these parables help tie everything together and help move your understanding up to a “higher” level. The parables are easy to read and I write them as I see a need.

In a recent interview I was asked the question: How did you get the inspirations to write your interesting parables?

My answer was:

Well, my parables serve two functions. On the one hand they are insertions in the collective consciousness of this planet designed to alter, in a purely positive way, the “high level” creation templates of this planet. On the other hand the parables are also attempts to explain complicated spiritual concepts and processes, like ascension (i.e., The Parable of the Room), or the end-time awakening process (i.e., The Parable of the Ships) or the purpose of creation and preparation for ascension (i.e., The Parable of the Garden) in a way that everyone can understand. As such, I write a parable when I see a need for it. So if I see my readers struggling with a key concept or set of concepts, I’ll write a parable. Thus, there isn’t really much “inspiration” involved. My parables are strategic and designed to fill gaps and build understanding.

Anyway, here they are, take them or leave them. If you take them, make sure to let people know where you got them!