Practical components – LP Intermediate Study Guide – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

At the LP Intermediate level there are two practical components. The first practical component is simple visualization. As part of both the awakening and empowerment aspect of this LP program, you must engage in a process of chakra clearing and activation. I know this might not sound like much (and perhaps to the skeptic it sounds like nothing at all), but that’s not true. As explained in The Dossier of the Ascension: A Practical Guide to Chakra Activation and Kundalini Awakening (included in the LP Intermediate subscription package), your physical body is an energy system and this energy is profoundly suppressed by social, political, and economic practices of the world we live in which are designed to enslave. And while apologists for The System might like to tell you that your enslavement is optional, that you “chose” it in some fashion (as they do in the old world tarot Devil card), or that you deserve it (because you’ve been cast out and now have to redeem yourself), none of that is true. The truth is, The System is imposed upon you when you are a child when you neither a) have a choice in the matter or b) have the emotional, psychological, or intellectual defenses to defend yourself against its imposition. To suggest that enslavement is optional or chosen is tantamount to saying children choose to be raped and abused by the priests in the Catholic church. The bottom line is, the energetic suppression of the physical body is done to us at a time when we are powerless and defenseless against it.

In any case, the visualization/meditation included in The Dossier of the Ascension (entitled The Great Invocation) is designed to reactivate your body’s energy system. As explained in The Dossier, the activation is quite easy, however maintaining the activation can be quite difficult. The real work here is ensuring that any fears, issues, and traumas (from this life or a concurrent life) that come up are cleared so that the energy flow through your body’s system does not become restricted once again. Guidance on activation and walking through fears and issues is provided in The Dossier of the Ascension. Our site forums and mentoring options are also a useful resource in this regard. As a side note, healthy flow through your body’s seven main chakras is essential for the long term viability of your physical body. Restricted chakra flow leads to disempowerment, system degradation, and premature death of the physical unit.

As explained in The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, the second practical component at the LP Intermediate level is mental sanitation. What you are basically going to do at this level is clear out any old world archetypes and thinking structures that support (and help manifest) hierarchy, exclusion, disempowerment, and slavery and replace these structures with shiny, new, divine world archetypes that do not. This is an extension of the work you did at the LP Core level where you essentially examine all the ideological, theological, and cosmological archetypes that you use to organize your thinking, and clean those out once and for all. The goal is is right thinking, but the net result will be your total psychological and energetic emancipation from the system. If you follow the program, get advice when you need it, and don’t get turned away by the obstacles, blockages, and fears put inside you, there is an awfully good chance that you will be able to overcome the psychological and emotional sequela (i.e. outcomes) of system indoctrination and abuse (i.e. depression, neurosis, and even psychosis) and totally heal and empower.

Of course, you have to be realistic. Miracles are possible, and even likely, but even so the healing may take time. The reality is, thanks to our schools, our media, and even our parents, we all start out with a lot of really oppressive ideas about life, the universe, and everything and these ideas can slow down or even undermine our progress. What’s more, we may find intense resistance from friends and family members who find our progress threatening. And even beyond all that, we may have already filled our bodies with psychoactive pharmaceuticals and chemicals designed not to emancipate and heal, but to tighten the jacket. Still, it is possible for everyone to heal. Just keep the intent clear in your mind (i.e. I want to move forward), keep practicing with the Great Invocation and the Halo/Sharp cards, reach out for assistance and support when you need it, and you will make progress towards healing, awakening, and empowerment..