Quick start guide

Your writing reminds me much of Thaddues Golas, Helena Blavatsky, and A.S. Raleigh, not to mention all the big religious texts that have entertained all the world religions. Thanks for the writings! Lord Byron

There is a lot of information available on this website. The Lightning Path amounts to a complete and original spiritual system with a host of concepts and ideas, many original, some redefined, and you can easily be overwhelmed trying to find your way through it.  In order to avoid that, and in order to jump start your own process of awakening and empowerment, I’ve organized everything into a graded system of awakening and empowerment that introduces you to concepts at appropriate moments, and moves you from basic through intermediate and advanced levels in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Following the path (i.e. The Lightning Path) is easy. Just follow the left hand side menu from top to bottom. Start where you are now and read each resource and page listed under the Main Menu in the order listed (you can skip over the mentor and support stuff for now, but just remember where you saw it). Each page underneath this one introduces concepts and ideas in a sequence that gradually builds your understanding of the LP and your own spiritual confidence. If you want to jump right into the reading, click this LP Core assigned reading list and download one of the free books. Do make a note to come back and read the LP Core study guide however since it provides, in addition to valuable information on how to contextualize and organize all the things you are reading, guidance on obstacles you might encounter, a “self test” concept guide, an overview of the practical components of your work, and links to forum discussions and articles that may help you absorb and integrate the concepts.

Speaking of practical components, I should say at the outset that there are practical components to this work. You will be expected to engage in a bit of spiritual practice (deep breathing, visualization, self reflection, archetypal practice, and so on). The practical elements are a powerful and necessary part of the LP, but don’t worry, they do not take a lot of time (a few minutes a day) and can be practiced during the regular course of your daily life.

I should also say that even though this web page is organized in a linear fashion, and even though I recommend that your first approach to this material be sequential, expect to come back and reread resources (especially the books) more than once. More than any other information you may have come across in the past (spiritual or otherwise), this material is cyclical or spiral and you will likely find yourself rereading the books several times as your own understanding of the spiritual Truths presented here expands and deepens. For example, as you read these words now concepts like The Fabric of Consciousness or even a statements like Consciousness is the root of all things, will have minimal meaning. Once you have gone through the program however these phrases will come to take on major philosophical and spiritual significance for you.  In fact, the more you read and reread, the more significant these concepts will become. Having said this though I should say that a linear approach isn’t absolutely necessary. Once you feel confident in the materials, once you feel oriented and on solid conceptual ground, feel free to jump around an bit. Follow your gut feelings and let your intuition guide you about what to read next.  If at some point you want a more random approach to the materials, take a look at the right hand side “Welcome Home” menu where you will find all the resources and books listed for your browsing pleasure.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to either contact me (I do respond to all queries, though it may take some time) or ask your questions in the forum (see the link at the top of this website). You may also want to check the FAQs linked along the top of the page to see if your question has already been answered.

I am Michael Sharp and as always, welcome home!