Ralp Perrino | The Socjournal

We, especially those of us who live in North America, like to think we are stout individuals. We set our own course, navigate the waves, and actualize our potential. Like Bill Gates we are self made individuals, heroes or losers in our own stories and in the end we’ve got only ourselves to congratulate or blame. But honestly, that’s a Hollywood story. As any Sociologist will tell you we are not the masters of our own fate but are in fact embedded in social networks were Agents of Socialization train us, tune us, and turn us out like so many cogs on an assembly line. Are you born into the working class, well your socialization will NOT prepare you for higher education. Are you born in the upper classes. Your education and training will be different. Different attitudes, different values, and even the presence of paid tutors will increase your odds of educational success. Sucks, but its true. It’s not a level playing field and whether you like it or not, you are the products of the agents who trained you.