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Tagalog (Philippines)

If you do not want to pursue a mentor certificate, but still would like access to the mentor level materials, the following reading options are available. This will allow you to access all the mentor materials without taking a course. The fee is nominal and in place only to encourage fair exchange of service. If you cannot afford the fee we shall waive it, just contact us.

Payment here is in addition to your regular monthly or yearly subscriber payment. You must already be a site subscriber (either paid or on scholarship) to access these mentor level materials.  Please enter your forum username or the email address you used to register on these forums in order to expedite your access. If you aren’t already a subscriber, you can subscribe and get access to the mentor materials with the options below. As noted here, yearly subscriptions include a copy of the LP Intermediate level books in print. Books will be shipped to the address on file at your Paypal account.

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