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Ann Beedell, review of Brenda Niall, Georgiana. A Biography of Georgiana McCrae, Painter, Diarist, Pioneer…

Sheryl Brennan, review of Philippa Mein Smith, Mothers and King Baby. Infant Survival and Welfare in an Imperial World: Australia 1880-1950

Peggy Brock, review of Russell McGregor, Imagined Destinies. Aboriginal Australians and the Doomed Race Theory, 1880-1939.

Tom Brooking, review of John MacGibbon, Going Abroad. The MacGibbon family and other Early Scottish Emigrants to Otago and Southland.

Bridget Brooklyn, review of Michael Heyward, The Ern Malley Affair.

Ian Campbell, review of Donald Denoon, et. al. (eds) The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders.

Christine Cheater reviews Peter Pierce, The Country of Lost Children.

Robert Cherny, review of Frank Bongiorno, The People’s Party: Victorian Labour and the Radical Tradition, 1875-1914

Libby Connors, reviews of Eve Mumewa Fesl, Conned!, and Wayne Coolwell, My Kind of People: Achievement, Identity and Aboriginality.

Caroline Daley, review of Helen Martin and Sam Edwards, New Zealand Film, 1912-1996.

Caroline Daley, review of Rob Hess and Bob Stewart, eds. More Than A Game: An Unauthorised History of Australian Rules Football.

John Dargavel reviews Gregg Borschmann, The People’s Forest: A Living History of the Australian Bush.

John Dargavel, review of Libby Robin, Defending the Little Desert: the Rise of Ecological Concsciousness in Australia.

John Dargavel, review of Angela Taylor 1998. A Forester’s Log: The Story of John La Gerche and the Ballarat-Creswick State Forest 1882-1897.

Richard Davis, review of Eric Aarons, What’s Left? Memoirs of an Australian Communist.

Richard Davis, reviews of Miriam Dixson, The Real Matilda: Woman and Identity in Australia 1788 to the present, and Anne Summers, Damned Whores and God’s Police.

Richard Davis, review of Michael Gordon, A Question of Leadership.

Richard Davis, review of Marjorie Theobald, Knowing Women: Origins of Women’s Education in Nineteenth-Century Australia.

Brian Dickey reviews the revised edition of Jeffery Grey’s A Military History of Australia.

Brian Dickey, review of Trevor McLaughlin (ed), Irish Women in Colonial Australia.

Graeme Dunstall, review of John E. Martin, Holding the Balance. A History of New Zealand’s department of Labour, 1891-1995.

Richard Ely, review of Hilary Carey, Believing in Australia: A Cultural History of Religions.

With a Reply by Hilary Carey.

Richard Ely, review of D. W. A. Baker, Preacher, Politician, Patriot: A Life of John Dunmore Lang.

Norman Etherington, review of the Penguin re-issue of Fernand Braudel’s History of Civilisations.

Warwick Frost, review of John Dargavel, Fashioning Australia’s Forests.

Warwick Frost, review of Drew Hutton and Libby Connors, A history of the Australian Environment Movement.

Jeffrey Gray, review of Bobbie Oliver, Peacemongers: Conscientious Objectors to Military Service in Australia, 1911-1945.

Ben Goldsmith, review of Ken Gelder and Jane M. Jacobs, Uncanny Australia: Sacredness and Identity in a Postcolonial Nation

Andrew Hassam, review of Ros Pesman, Duty Free: Australian Women Abroad, and Ros Pesman, David Walker and Richard White (eds.), The Oxford Book of Australian Travel Writing.

Justin Harding, review of John Cain, John Cain’s Years: Power, Parties and Politics.

Emma Hawkes, review of Bruce Kercher, An Unruly Child: A History of Law in Australia.

James McAloon, reviews of James Watson, Links: A History of Transport and New Zealand Society Wellington, and Bryan Gilling, Government Valuers: Valuation New Zealand 1896-1996

Robert McGregor, review of Ruthless Warfare’: German military planning and surveillance in the Australia – New Zealand region before the Great War, edited and introduced by Jurgen Tampke.

Russell McGregor, review of Bronwen Douglas, Across the Great Divide: Journeys in History and Anthropology.

Russell McGregor, review of Barbara Henson, A Straight-out Man. F.W. Albrecht and Central Australian Aborigines.

Russell McGregor, review of Malcolm D. Prentis, Science, Race & Faith: A Life of John Mathew, 1849-1929.

Russell McGregor, review of M.A. Stephenson and S. Ratnapala (eds.), Mabo: a Judicial Revolution: the Aboriginal Land Rights Decision and its Impact on Australian Law.

Philippa Martyr, review of Hester Eisenstein, Inside Agitators: Australian Femocrats and the State, Gisela Kaplan, The Meagre Harvest: the Australian Women’s Movement, 1950s-1990s, and Marilyn Lake, Getting Equal: the History of Australian Feminism.

Philippa Martyr, review of Graeme Davison, The Unforgiving Minute: How Australians Learned to Tell the Time.

Philippa Martyr, review of Clem Lloyd and Jacqui Rees, The Last Shilling: a History of Repatriation in Australia.

Philippa Martyr, review of Deborah Oxley, Convict Maids: the Forced Migration of Women to Australia

Philippa Martyr, review of David Philips and Sue Davies, A Nation of Rogues? Crime Law and Punishment in Colonial Australia.

Philippa Martyr, reviews of Stefan Petrow, Sanatorium of the South? Public health and politics in Hobart and Launceston, 1875-1914, and Anne Killalea, The Great Scourge: the Tasmanian infantile paralysis epidemic, 1937-1938.

Philippa Martyr, review of Henry Reynolds, Fate of a Free People: a Radical Re-examination of the Tasmanian Wars.

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart reviews Kay Daniels, Convict Women.

Diane Menghetti, review of Margaret Bevege, Behind Barbed Wire: Internment in Australia during World War II.

Joe Morrissey, review of Fedora Gould Fisher, Raphael Cilento, a Biography.

Richard Neville, review of Chris Long, Tasmanian Photographers 1840-1940, a Directory.

Richard Neville, review of Anne-Maree Whitaker, Distracted Settlement: New South Wales after Bligh: from the Journal of Lieutenant James Finucane.

Bobbie Oliver, review of Mark Hearn and Harry Knowles, One Big Union. A History of the Australian Workers Union 1886-1994.

Bobbie Oliver, review of Bruce Scates, A New Australia. Citizenship, Radicalism and the First Republic.

John Perkins, review of Joe Rich, Hartnett: Portrait of a Technocratic Brigand.

Peter Pierce, review of David Young, Making Crime Pay. The Evolution of Convict Tourism in Tasmania.

Judy Skene, review of Jenny Gregory (ed.), On the Homefront: Western Australia and World War II.

Philippa Mein Smith, review of Marcus Haward and James Warden (eds), An Australian Democrat: The Life, Work, and Consequences of Andrew Inglis Clark.

Philippa Mein Smith, review of The French Consul’s Wife: Memoirs of Celeste de Chabrillan in gold-rush Australia, introduced and translated by Patricia Clancy and Jeanne Allen.

Sandra Tarte, review of Stephanie Lawson. Tradition Versus Democracy in the South Pacific: Fiji, Tonga and Western Samoa .