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The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality is a short excursus on the professionalization of spiritual inquiry.In the book I make the case that all other disciplines of human interest, like engineering and psychology, have agreed upon measures of their utility and efficacy but the area of spiritual inquiry does not. In the case of religions and spiritual systems we tend to have an “anything goes” mentality whereby anything that anybody might care to say about god, God, spirit, consciousness, or creation is considered valid and acceptable. The situation is so bad that people may even engage psychedelic fantasies, or psychological or physical abuse in the name of spirituality (i.e. spare the rod and spoil the child, you’re going to burn in hell cause you’re a loser, etc).

In the RSG to Authentic Spirituality I take serious issue with this laisse faire attitude suggesting not only that we need to put aside our naive and damaging “anything goes” attitude (after all, we’d never walk into a doctors office thinking it didn’t matter what the doctor told us), but also providing a set of professional guidelines (the “seven pillars of authentic spirituality'”) that we can use to begin the process of “raising the bar” on what counts as acceptable spiritual discourse and inquiry, with the ultimate goal of eliminating immature, unprofessional, profiteering, abusive, and exploitative spiritual practices.

Currently available as a draft in the subscribers’ section of this site.

Expected date: May 2010

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