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I very much enjoyed the money book. Your explanation of economics is refreshingly clear. The concepts you present are particularly important now, since the corporate media are avoiding any critical analysis of the basic assumptions underlying the economic system and any consideration of alternative systems and are focusing instead on the elite insider debate over superficial reforms. Your book is also important now because many new-age folks don’t know much about economics and accept capitalism as a given. The current crisis has challenged their complacency, and your analysis will help them rethink their assumptions within a spiritual context.

[amazonify]1897455119:right[/amazonify]A grounded and revealing analysis of the nature, function, and the social, political, and economic costs of debtRemoves the black box, obtuse jargon, and complicated science to  reveal the ugly realities of capitalist economics that lie within. A personal, critical, and perfectly executed  introduction to the realities of capitalist  economics.

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