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It would be an understatement of biblical proportions to say that money and the economy are misunderstood. Yet money (i.e. energy arising from our manifestation efforts) and the economy (i.e. the circulation of energy) are central aspects of our spirituality and spiritual purpose. The bottom line is, in this physical universe you cannot do anything without energy, you can’t even maintain your physical body without it, and so money (i.e. energy) is critical. Without enough energy (i.e. money) it is a long, slow descent into physical oblivion.

So why don’t we have enough energy? Well it’s not because there isn’t enough to go around. The truth is, money is a container for our energy (i.e. our effort) and a vehicle for its exchange, yet on this planet the flow of money ( is hijacked by a few who understand its true nature. Once hijacked the flow is diverted away from the economy (and away from fair exchange) and into huge containers (i.e. bank accounts) so that the few may accumulate energy and enrich themselves at the cost of the many.

In The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy you will learn not only the true spiritual nature of money but you will also get a thoroughly enlightening glimpse into the black and exploitative nature of our global economic system. In this book you will learn all about the circulation of energy (i.e. money) and how debt is used as an instrument of extraction and slavery. By the end of this short read you will understand the nature of money, the nature of the economy, and the core and exploitative nature of The System.

If you’ve ever thought the topic of money was complicated, and if you ever thought you’d never truly understand the black arts of finance, think again. The RSG Money and the Economy blows the doors of the secret temple and exposes the slimy inner workings to the bright light of day.

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