Scholarly Exchange Archiving Options

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Archiving options

Scholars are concerned that their published work be available well into the future. Under traditional paper publishing scenarios, the obligation fell to librarians to subscribe to and warehouse scholarly publications. In the new electronic world, there are more opportunities and more uncertainties about the archiving process.

There are several ways that you can arrange for electronic archiving when using Open Journal Systems on Scholarly Exchange.

Built into the software is the capability to link your journal to the Open Archive Initiative and participate in OAI harvesting. The downloadable documentation explains this feature. In addition, OJS is LOCKSS-compliant.

In addition, many colleges and universities are now building electronic repositories to house electronic journal content. Editors of electronic journals should query their university library (or that of their editorial board members) to determine if an OAI-compliant repository or archive is available at their institution.

Specialty-specific repositories are also now available, and they will accept electronically published materials appropriate to their subject area. A list of such repositories and archives is available here.