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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me…

Dr. Michael Sosteric

Department of Sociology Athabasca University

The goal of the Socjourn is simple, revolutionize scholarly communication by helping to time-teleport it out of the Jurassic and back to this future. It’s fast, it’s open, it’s interesting, it’s readable (despite the fact that it’s run by academics), and rather than having to wait two years every time an academic has an original thought (which I have to say is a lot less often than you might think), you can get the relevant ideas of science fast, fast, fast.  If you agree, then show a little respect for the map and mission of the Socjourn. If you use an article in this journal, cite it. If you have a web page, link us. If you want to give your teacher or professor a stomach ache, print us off and use us in class. If you want to change the world, roll us up into a paper bat and slap someone on the head with us (just kidding about that part, no more violence please). And hey, if you are an academic (graduate school and up), tell us about the cool ideas you have had before they are extinguished by your training.

And as for all you raptors, rex’s and gentle, lumbering, sauropods… Stay busy, and don’t look up.