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[no last name], [no first name]. “Sociology 101 – Social Movements.” The Socjournal. 23 Apr. 2010. 14 Jul. 2010

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The following course, Sociology 101 (currently Sociology 288) , is a junior level sociology course provided by Athabasca University’s Center for Global and Social Analysis. Together with Sociology 100 this course forms a standard 6 credit introduction to the critical study of sociology.

This course takes some of the concepts and insights provided in Athabasca Universities Sociology 100 course and applies them to the study of social movements. The course authors wends his way through definitions of social movements, homework, ideology, media, and competition to finally end with a study of globally based social movements. The intent of the course is to provide students with a critical and grounded introduction to the nature, function, and emergence of social movements., not to mention an introduction to ideology, media thought control, and the nefarious business of public relations.

To register for the course, apply at Athabasca University and register. You can either take an entire sociology degree through Athabasca, or transfer individual courses to your home institution.