Sociology of Religion Course Evaluation Form (unofficial) | The Sociology of Religion

This is the unofficial course evaluation form for Dr. Mike’s Athabasca University Sociology of Religion course. This form is not a replacement for the official forms which I encourage you to fill out. This form is here so you can speak to me directly, and share with others if you so choose, what you like/love/hate about the course you just took. Please rest assured this is totally anonymous. I am not asking you to put your name or email here, I’m not recording your IP address, and I have no way of tracking you down, so say what you want. I love hearing both positive and critical comments so don’t hold back. Please also be aware that I do intend to publish your comments on this site, and possibly the Socjourn site. I will edit them for spelling errors but I won’t change the tone or intent. The comments are anonymous, like I said, but if you don’t want even your anonymous comments to be published, please indicate so below.