Socjourn goes mobile | The Socjournal

Dr. Michael Sosteric | Dec 07, 2012 | Comments 0

If you can’t beat them well, don’t join them because that is just cowardly and spineless. Instead, hunker down for the hard work. Gnaw at the foundations, knock at the support beams, and eventually the system comes crumbling down. With modern communication technologies there’s simply no excuse.

The Socjourn has gone mobile. Bright, shiny, and iPod compatible, now you can take the insightful, challenging, and discomforting glory of it out for coffee with you, to the library, or even into class. Use it to enlighten your friends, give indigestion to your family, or beat your Sociology professor over the head with it. Good clean fun at the Mayan “end” of the world.

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