Spiritwiki – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

I founded the SpiritWiki in Dec. of 2007. It is basically where I put all the current definitions and concepts that are part of the LP spiritual system.

Lightning Path spirituality has a commitment to capital “T” truth and the only way that claim can be evaluated and substantiated is by providing clarity and conceptual precision. The goal of the SpiritWiki is therefore to provide complete theoretical and conceptual transparency. All original spiritual concepts are to be found defined in the SpiritWiki, and all redefinitions of standard concepts (like for example “sin”), are provided there as well.

The topical breadth of the SpiritWiki is quite large and while I am currently focused primarily on providing definitions for the spiritual components of the Lightning Path, I do have plans to extend the SpiritWiki in order to encompass the psychological, sociological, and even political and economic components of the Lightning Path.

If you are interested in the theoretical/conceptual foundations an groundwork of the LP, you may be interested in browsing the SpiritWiki. Beyond that, I do incorporate links to appropriate sections of the SpiritWiki in all my work so you’ll no doubt be guided in that direction sooner rather than later.