Study Guide Introduction – LP Advanced Study Guide –

The LP Advanced level contains information and material suitable for those who have spent time familiarizing themselves with the materials at the core and intermediate levels. This level extends, elaborates, and deepens all discussions “opened” at the core and intermediate level. Thus at the advanced level we extend and complete the philosophical and cosmological discourse initiated in The Book of Light Volume One (see volumes two to four of The Book of Light). We also take an extensive and deep look at archetypes and how they function to control the manifestation of a planet’s (an in particular this planet’s) reality. Finally, we also take a look at a creative solution to the problem of getting rid of this planet’s System, and replacing it with an more appropriate and life affirming archetypal system, even in the face of “to-the-death” resistance (see The Black Book).

In all honestly, there isn’t anything particularly onerous about this level. If you have read through the intermediate and advanced materials you should have no problem getting into the materials here. If you haven’t read the core and intermediate materials however, you may experience blockage (i.e. you simply wont’ be able to read the books), or confusion, fear, and negative emotional sequelea. I therefore do not recommend you move forward with an examination of the advanced materials too quickly. Take your time at the core and intermediate levels and in particular be sure you have completed the archetypal practice and mental sanitation outlined at the LP Intermediate level. The Truth will set you free, no doubt about that, but if you are just emerging out of darkness, you want prepare yourself and give yourself time to adjust before staring into the blinding light of your glorious Spirit.

I should also say at the outset that most of the materials at this level are in draft form and will be available only to site subscribers until at least 2013, maybe longer. This is to ensure all the LP materials “fit together” properly and to allow LP practitioners (that’s you) the time they need to not only accomplish awakening and empowerment, but to also ensure that the materials themselves are not published prematurely. Put another way, I am keeping the LP materials in draft format until I am sure they work perfectly. And, the only way I can ensure they work perfectly is to ensure hear from the users. And, the only way I can do that is to provide an environment where I can hear that feedback.Once I’ve heard what practitioners have to say, I can modify the materials and fine tune until it all works just right. Only then will the material be published in final form.

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