Study Guide Introduction – LP Intermediate Study Guide – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

John 10:34. Is it not written in your law, “I have said you are gods.”

The LP Intermediate level builds on the basic concepts and ideas presented at the core level in three ways. First of all we take a more spiritual look at the purpose of this earth and the past history of this planet. This spiritual examination includes an introduction to the idea of ascension which is, as I point out in The Book of Life, not a moral or evolutionary process but a physical and energetic one. Ascension is not a complicated process, nor is it difficult to understand, but it does require some conceptual groundwork and so in addition to ascension you learn about the nature of energy, the balance of energy, the nature of time, and so on. In our discussion of ascension I also introduce you to the exopolitics of this planet, talk about the Annunaki, starseeds, and a ten thousand year struggle to remove “the blindfold” and return to ourselves to a more pristine, aware, and connected state of existence.

In addition to introducing the idea of ascension (which is, I should say, very much different than both awakening and empowerment), we also begin the process of activating the physical body. This activation involves “firing up” the body’s energy system which has, as explained in both The Book of Life and in particular The Dossier of the Ascension, been seriously suppressed by the socialization that we experience on this planet. In addition to providing the key to activation, The Dossier of the Ascension also provides a lot of practical guidance on how to handle the dramatically increased power than comes from the proper activation of your physical body (or physical unit as I like to call it).

Finally, in addition to the political overview of this planet and the guidance on chakra activation that is offered at the intermediate level, we also take a very detailed look at archetypes. As fancy as they sound, archetypes are really quite simple. An archetype is simply an idea (typically unexamined and often unconscious) that we use to organize our thinking about things, and by “we” I mean everybody. There are lots of ideas that we all use to organize our thinking, but what distinguishes an archetype from a regular idea is that everybody believes an archetype. Archetypes are generally accepted conceptual structures that organize our thinking process. An example of an archetype might be this silly idea that earthlings have that this planet is some kind of “school” where the children of creation come to learn “lessons” either because they are unevolved or because they’ve been banished for eating the wrong apple. Of course, you don’t have to be religious to believe this “fool in creation” archetype. If you’re born into an atheist family perhaps you are more into “evolution” as the “schooling method,” (i.e. you are unevolved and undeveloped, but with enough time on the evolutionary grid you’ll eventually evolve into something better, or die off) but it is the same thing.

Those familiar with the western Tarot will immediately recognize this archetype as represented in The Fool card.  The Fool perfectly represents this idea that we are here to “learn” how to be better than, and even gives it a name. You are a cosmic fool on a path of instruction that has a beginning (represented by The Fool Card) and an end (represented partly by the Judgment card), where you will be judged (Judgment card) and either graduate and go to the next level or be cast in the fires, tossed into oblivion, or (in kinder versions), given a karmic redo.

It may not be immediately apparent to you why I would want to examine the archetypes we use to think but if you think back to the material in the Book of Light, and in particular the phrase as above in consciousness, so below in matter, you may begin to understand the importance. We live in a university that for all its apparent physicality is really just a dream inside the mind of God. That is, we live in a reality that is primarily an idea (or rather a complicated set of ideas) and these ideas, whether they are expressed by a disembodied spiritual consciousness, or by an embodied individual like you, determine the way the universe operates (this is explained in great detail in The Book of Songs). Therefore the ideas we have in our head, whether they are conscious or unconscious, primarily individual or shared by everybody, are incredibly important. Not only do the ideas we have about the way things work largely determine the economic, political, and social structures of this world (are we surprised to find that “school” and “judgment” are such prominent features of our social reality?), but the ideas we have are part of a system of oppression and suppression that has disconnected us from our divinity and made us impotent and powerless in the face of global systems of energy extraction and accumulation (think back to the Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy here).

In any case, at the LP Intermediate level we take  a close look at all the archetypes used to organize our thinking and change them. In a dozen words or less, instead of teaching you how to think, act, and create like bad little cosmic school children, too stupid to avoid the bad fruit, or to broken down to be worth much of anything, I teach you how to think like the Gods that you are. In order to do this I use a custom designed tarot system (an “updated” western tarot) with new archetypes that do not participate in the “old world” system of energy suppression but instead create the mental conditions “in consciousness” that will allow to manifest (among other things) a more powerful, confident, and healthy you.

If you are a psychologist and you have run across the work of Carl Jung you will probably be familiar with the idea of archetypes. My idea of archetypes is similar to Jungs except that I do not believe, as Jung did, that archetypes were natural. In defiance of Carl Jung’s supposition that we are “born” with archetypes and that they represent some kind of primordial truth, I argue that archetypes are in fact constructed with a purpose and that purpose is social control. When you gather all the archetypes together and examine them, this becomes quite clear. It becomes even more clear when you deliberately modify the archetypes and create new ones as I have done in the Halo/Sharp Tarot. When you put the archetypes side by side, as I do in The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, it becomes clear that the standard archetypes that we use on this earth (and that are propagated in our children’s stories and fairy tales) diminish and disempower us.

Anyway, the process of archetypal revision that you will engage in at the LP Intermediate level is very important. Though it may take you a few months, or even a year, to complete, it is not a part of the process you should skip. The bottom line is, if you’re head is filled with the crapola of old world archetypes you will not be able to handle the full in breath of “higher” consciousness that comes from the process of awakening and activation. Fear, paranoia, confusion, neurosis, spiritual psychosis, and even the dissolution of your body’s ego boundaries are all possibilities. And while you might be thinking that it’s better to just not bother, that won’t work either. As explained in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, the vibration of this planet will rise whether you like it or not. Better to prepare yourself so you can navigate the shift (and help others who will need it), than sit around and wait for the rising tide to force you into states of being your physical unit is either too damaged to handle, or to unprepared to cope with.

Samples of the Halo/Sharp Divine World Archetypes