Symbols and Concepts – Symbols – 대각 – 자각 능력을 주소서 Ascend

One of the things you should know as you set out onto this path is that The Lightning Path presumes to be a complete system of spiritual thought and practice. Or at least, that’s the goal. When the SpiritWiki is complete, when the Lightning Path books are written, when the OUL comes fully online, when the DVDs are burned and the web radio is transmitting, the Lightning Path will be a complete and self contained, no compromise, no strings attached system of spiritual transformation and global emancipation designed to take you from blindfolded denizen of the old world to shiny new member of a Divine World Order in no time at all. If you are interested in how that’s going to work, if you want a peak at the inner working of the LP, then pay attention to the LP Theory and LP Symbols menus. Here and there I will expound upon the deep and inner workings of LP spirituality by focusing on the LP’s original and powerful use of symbols, archetypes, and concepts.

And just so you know, it’s nothing to be worried about. While avatars and avatar-wannabes in the past have forgotten their place and purpose and used symbols and concepts to manipulate, exploit, brainwash, foment hatred and duality (by, for example making inhuman monsters out of certain groups of people), and even engage in mass murder (Hitler comes to mind here), here we are going to expose the inner archetypal workings so you can not only learn to protect yourself against the selfish manipulations of those who would profit from the nefarious use of symbols and archetypes, but decide for yourself whether this is for you.  After all, adopting any spirituality is a huge commitment and can have massive life consequences, so you want to be sure. If you have your doubts, if you’re a little uncomfortable about gurus, prophets, avatars, and the like, that’s ok. You should be. Religions, spiritualities, and those who purport to know and understand have done many bad, bad things in the past and we (and by “we” I mean the people of this earth) really want to avoid that this time around. And honestly, the only way to protect yourself and to avoid that is to become symbolically literate.

Having said that I should also say you need to be patient. Constructing a complete system of spiritual thought is no easy task and there are a lot of things to say and do, a lot of ends to tie together, a lot of fabric to sew into place, and a lot of structures to build and test. If I had to estimate I’d say I’m only about half finished. With that in mind I’ll add symbolic and theoretical analysis of the system as I can. However, if you do have questions or want something explained ahead of things, please feel free to contact me and ask. If there’s a gap, contradiction, or inconsistency in the fabric of the Lightning Path, I want to know about it.