The Basic Book – LP Core Books – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

The Basic Book is the basic foundational treatise or primer for the Lightning Path system of spiritual development.  This book provides you with a detailed psychological, sociological, and spiritual introduction to the Lightning Path corpus. Whether or not you are a professional counsellor or sociologist interested in the theoretical underpinnings of the LP corpus, or simply an LP practitioner interested in understanding how all the LP books fit together into a coherent theoretical whole, this is the place to start.

For professionals, this book provides the basic introduction to LP psychology and sociology. This book introduces you to the physical unit (i.e. your body) and its status as a vehicle for consciousness. In The Basic Book I unwrap the basic psychology of the physical unit. In this book I show the nature of the physical unit as vehicle for consciousness, discuss how consciousness interfaces with the physical unit, provide guidance on the provision of proper developmental conditions (conditions that provide for the successful alignment of the physical unit with its resident consciousness), and discuss the basic pathologies that arise when the physical unit is improperly cared for. During the course of this unwrapping I introduce and define several key Lightning Path concepts, introduce you to the notion and importance of alignment, right environment, right action, right thought, and gets into a detailed discussion of the sorts of things that can undermine the psychological, emotional, and energetic integrity of the physical unit. All in all this book provides the starting point for those professionals interested in moving towards a sophisticated and grounded psychology or sociology.

For all others this book provides the string that ties everything together. After reading this book you’ll have a deep and thorough understanding of the Lightning Path and its signifance to your awakening, empowerment, and ascension. Reading this book will provide a sort of “key” that will make all the other LP books that you read more visceral and present for you.

Currently available as a draft in the subscriber’s section of this webspace.

Expected: August 2010