The Basics – 대각 – 자각 능력을 주소서 Ascend

* Translators, please ignore this page and the draft below. All content here will
be replaced with The Basic Book when it is completed towards the end of 2010

The following articles constitute an early draft of the forthcoming Basic Book. These articles provide a basic introduction to the Lightning Path, how it is organized, and what is expected. Reading these will provide you with an excellent introduction to the Lightning Path and also a good notion of what you can expect should you choose to continue. One thing you should know right up front, on the LP we do believe that there is a right and a wrong, and that there is capital “T” truth, but not in the dogmatic and threatening sense you may be used to (i.e. believe this or go to hell). It’s more like going to the doctor really. You have a heart attack, you go to the doctor, she tells you to quit eating so much junk and get exercise. You know the doctor is right. You know she tells you capital “T” truth when she says “smarten up or you’ll have another heart attack and maybe die next time.” It’s up to you whether you take the advice or not.

It is like that on the LP.

Here we have very clear ideas of the spiritual Truth and what you need to do to move forward spiritually (i.e. fill up the cup) and based on all the good results we’ve seen, we know we’re right like we know that eating too much junk food will lower the functioning of your physical body. It’s up to you whether you to follow the advice or not. And just like the doctor who tells you to eat better, we’re not going to force you one way or another.

You may feel uncomfortable at this point, but what can I say. If you want to hang onto the “anything goes” spirituality that is common in this era of commodity choice and consumptive gluttony, or if you want to continue to put your faith in the violent and hate filled old world religions (and what is loving about eternal damnation, holy war, rapture, and exclusion, I ask you?) and spiritualities that have clearly contributed nothing to the improvement of the human condition, be my guest. However, if you are tired of all the blindfolded nonsense and want a real solution, then this is it. If your ready and willing to take a look, great but if not, whatever. This is a free world after all and like the man with the heart condition, you can make whatever you choice want.

*Translators note: Please do not bother translating these articles as they will be superseded when The Basic Book is published.