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​Fate is the most potent weapon in the arsenal of hard determinists. To contend, as hard determinists plainly do, that the outcomes of events are predetermined is essentially the same as saying that the ebbs and flows of history are …

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Do so-called authorities know more about us than we know about ourselves? “The Big Lie” asserts that authorities, in the form of theologians and academics, seem to think they do. Further, those authorities tend to take a dim view of human nature—and those negative perspectives often produce very negative consequences. Because authorities are cloaked in a mantle of institutional legitimacy, their opinions are perceived as being more truthful than those of non-authorities. Nevertheless, “The Big Lie” argues that the truth is often at variance with the opinions of authorities. Be skeptical! (Timothy M.)

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Revelations! That is what we have here. REVELATIONS. From the nefarious conduct of Boy Scout leaders, to priestly pedophilia, to professional misconduct and protection of predators at the highest level, the world is changing and criminals are slowly being brought to justice. Such an exciting time we live in.

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(*The following message is for anyone who would like to suggest that, due to a selective reading of the Freeh Report, Joe Paterno should be exempted from blame or criticism for the egregious role that he played in the Sandusky …

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Personally I’ve never been a big fan of patriotism. I grew up hearing how “our country was the best in the world” but it didn’t take me long to figure out there was some rust on that shiny image. Still, the image was a useful way to shut down debate. “If you don’t like it move somewhere else” is the stock response of the sleeping patriot.

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Is our socialization process a process of ideological indoctrination? As part of our socialization we learn “how the world really works.” Our religions teach us of a cosmic “fight” between good and evil, science teaches us about the struggle for survival and “survival of the fittest,” and everybody talks about how its OK for the “winners” to dominate the “losers.” It is all part of the natural (or divine) social order! But is it really, or is it just indoctrination. You be the judge.

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War!? What is it good for? Taking stuff from others. Say it again. Oh, ah. Well, enough with the homage to Frankie who was in Hollywood in the 80s. War is another one of those ideological hot buttons, like greed, and competition, and our “inner nature” (see other articles in this series), there’s all sorts of excuses and justifications. But in the end justifications for war, just like justifications for competition, or greed, or just that, justifications. They are not based on any kind of valid social or natural research, and they often just ape (no pun intended) the special interests who benefit from war, etc. What side of the fence are you on? Better be the right one ’cause Billy’s got a gun.

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