The Book of Light Volume Two – LP Advanced Books – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

Tagalog (Philippines)

The Book of Light Volume Two picks up where volume one left off, that is with the problem of Daath. Starting from the fact that a mere quantitative addition of monads could no longer provide an interesting playing field, volume two discusses the solution to the problem of as the entrance of Spirit into physical matter. Volume two speaks of the days of creation, the flood, the expansion, tuning, and the glorious dance of creation that emerges once the problem of Daath is overcome.

Whereas volume one was primarily concerned with an accounting of the nature of consciousness and the unfolding of creation, volume two sets the foundation for a detailed examination of the interface between consciousness and physical matter up in volume three and four. Volume two begins to tackle key philosophical questions like, if consciousness is the root of all things (see volume one), how does physical matter emerge from consciousness? Or, if consciousness is the primary reality, what (in fact) is physical matter?  Answering these questions ultimately leads an integration of science and spirituality in volumes three and four of this series.

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