The Book of Magic – LP Mentor –

Tagalog (Philippines)

The Book of Magic is a multi-volume treatise on chakra activation. Whereas The Dossier of the Ascension speaks in general terms about the major blockages to chakra activation, and discusses the big and little fears which cause the energetic constipation that leaves you spiritually impotent, The Book of Magic goes into great detail on how to handle and navigate the powerful new realities that are opened up when you successfully maintain chakra flow.

The first volume of The Book of Magic, The Psychology and Psychopathology of Crown Chakra Activation, is available as a draft in the subscriber’s section of my web space. If you are experiencing weird crown chakra phenomenon, like spontaneous channeling, voices in your head, disconnection with reality, ego difficulties (either a pathologically diminished or puffed up ego), and difficulty controlling your powerful thought processes, I recommend you check out the draft and visit us at our online forums. Subsequent volumes of The Book of Magic will deal with the other six chakras.

The Book of Magic is a mentor level resource and is intended to be read not only by individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the operation of the physical unit, but also by professionals (i.e. LP mentors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, etc.) who want to develop a more sophisticated and informed knowledge of the physical unit and its energetic system. The Book of Magic builds on the psychological foundation provided in The Basic Book and moves Lightning Path discussions towards a university and research oriented discourse.

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