The Dove / Flame Logo – Symbols –

For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning,

which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other. Luke 17:24

The image you see to the right is the Lightning Path Dove / Flame logo. This logo appears on (and in) all my books. It is peppered throughout this website, appears in the address bar of your web browser, and is even tattooed on my right arm, and my wife’s upper back. It is a ubiquitous symbol in this Lightning Path spiritual space and for good reason. The dove/flame logo neatly encapsulates and represents the goal of the Lightning Path which is simply to facilitate the descent of consciousness (consciousness being symbolized in religious literature either by a DOVE or a FLAME) into the physical vessel (i.e. physical unit). The outcome of this process is variously described as enlightenment, the emergence of the Christ within, the descent of the Holy Spirit, etc. Glimpses of the potential of this process can be had by those individuals having peak experiences (of the type identified by Abraham Maslow). Distorted and skewed representations are often the result of the unguided, misguided, and even abusive use of entheogens (a.k.a. crown chakra openers).

The initiation and completion of this process of consciousness expansion (into the body) is what prophets, pundits, and (surprisingly) some academics are hoping is going to spontaneously (i.e. magically) occur on some mystically significant Mayan date in the year 2012. The spontaneous descent of “the Christ” will, according to these misguided folks, presumably occur as a result of a) evolution, b) a magical pole shift, c) some end of cycle galactic alignment, d) the action of some (often wrathful and psychotic) patriarchical father-God figure, or e) some other poorly understood, magically conceived, and erroneous external force.

Here on the LP we, however, know differently. The descent of consciousness is not something that will spontaneously occur as the result of galactic pole shifts or evolutionary jumps but instead will result from the work of clearing, healing, and transformation that you do for yourself. The work you do, your intent and activity, the effort of learning new concepts and techniques, the process of clearing chakra blockages, and your commitment to engage in right action and right thought, is what will transform your physical unit from the handicapped and damaged vessel it currently is (a vessel incapable of dealing with higher levels of consciousness) into a fully functional and awakened vehicle capable of accepting the powerful light of Spirit. The truth is, and unlike what the pundits and profits will tell you, the power to engage in this healing and transformation does not lie outside of us but rather emerges from within. The process of clearing, healing, awakening, and empowerment leads to the inevitable, and glorious, expansion (descent) of consciousness into the physical body–and that is what the dove/flame logo (and in fact this Lightning Path) is all about.

If you want to learn more, check out the links on the left hand menu of this website. Start at the top and work your way down. Read the website materials and books, practice the breathing, visualizations, and so on, and pretty soon you’ll be seeing the world from a totally different perspective.

Michael Sharp