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Most of the ‘great thinkers’ throughout history have seen parts of this, hinted and circled these points like vultures for truth and reason. But it has become the norm to either avoid setting Principles before preference, to allow ‘free-will’ to ‘run it’s course’ – or to set norms that are constructed with flaws of abdication of Self-Responsibility, placing faith in ‘higher powers’. But if we start a calculation by making one plus one three, suddenly three plus three becomes eight and so whatever we do, will be miss-calculated – every single calculation from then on out, will be flawed.

Thus Nietzsche had a point, when he called for a re-evaluation of all values – of the courage to Face ourselves within the Self-Delusion that we have Allowed to become the very ‘foundation’ of ourselves. Only then can we be able to begin making decisions that are based on Principles before preference, where we Dare to Will ourselves to Stand by these Principles no matter what. All morals that have existed so far, has been inherently immoral, therein lays the flaw and the miss-calculation. We have not Considered Life and from there seen what is required to be done, but have placed ‘more’ value and ‘less’ value, making ourselves the judges of Life, yet abdicating the Responsibility for the decisions we have made within that process – and more specifically, not Daring to Face the fact, that we might have made a mistake within the course of the ‘progress’ that we call ‘evolution’.

Ulrich Beck also has a point when he calls for a Cosmopolitical Global community that dares making local politics Global, which does not only mean for the System of governments, but for the governing of ourselves as well. Within the current system, we are existing in separate well-defined boxes as nation-states and personalities bound to these nation-states, in separate projects that we call ‘a life of our own’. But around us already exists a Global system with the ability to get in anywhere, to move anywhere, to move anyone and to direct the course we collectively take without any foundation in political decisions based on Common Sense Principles and Considerations of What is Best for the Whole of Earth. They seem to be having ‘a life of their own’, yet behind every move made, are Human Beings.

This system functions only within the Acceptance of all of us in it, through the belief that no matter who you are, you have a fair chance. But when you are born chained to the debt of your parents, your country or your continent, the prospects of ‘a fair chance’, equal to someone else in a prosperous situation, is virtually non-existing. Yet we have used this belief to justify the Suffering that we have Allowed and to hide within ourselves the deep dissatisfaction that we too are living only to survive.

From Canada to Cameroon, for each of us finance is about our private lives, earning a living, feeding our children, buying a home. But for some, finance is a game – a game that only they know how to play, a game where it is other people’s money that is at stake. It is a game of speculation, of digits jumping off screens and into the pockets of those fortunate enough to know the rules of the game.

The problem is that each of us, the one’s that worry about our mortgage, about college tuition for our kids, about providing bread on the table the next day, and the next, are not aware that we are part of the game, that we are game pieces, the pawns and ducks and that it is our personal finance that makes up the game board, from which the lucky few have their laugh.

We do not see that we are connected, that we together without knowing it, provide the bolts that make the wheels of the game of finance keep turning. We are all a part of it, from New York to Nigeria – but for some the stakes are higher than for others – some play the parts of the constant losers, generation after generation depleted and exploited: natural resources, education, health-care, clean drinking water and the ability to make a living. Others play the part of the middle-class, the masses of endless consumption, who more willingly take their part in the game, because they might, they might get a shot of getting ahead, of securing their future, of being the one’s that get to play – and win. The secret that no one has told us and that we couldn’t figure out for ourselves because we didn’t know the rules of the game, is that we are playing whether we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not. And it is within each of us, playing for ourselves, for our own lives that this secret lays. Because we believe that we are not connected, that we are not playing a game – because it is our lives, our childrens lives that are at stake. Yet that is exactly what keeps the game playing itself – the investment of our lives, the fear of not surviving and the desperate comfort when we do.

So essentially there are two games being played on one chess board:  One is the earth with its cities and its cornfields and its oil rigs and its slave labor. The other takes place in the clouds of speculation, making up the rules as it’s goes along for the other game to provide the necessary fuel and finance to ensure that a few, a lucky few, remain the winners. These gamers take media, banking, wars and governments and shape them to fit their need. Everything that we see, everything we eat, every cent we give to charity is carefully calculated to ensure that the game keeps going. It is essential to the game that only a few knows how to play it. So the rules are made complex, requires special education that one can only achieve by investing oneself in the game – a network of gamers, that has been compiled through generation after generation , shell-company upon shell-company that seems endless and off the map. Brands with family names that project loyalty and sincerity, yet are transnational and not bound by any Principles or laws. But behind them are people, behind it all is always people. It is not an evil conspiracy, but it is the Human Nature of greed. And who of us can say that we would not ever have done the same, were we in their golden slippers or golf shoes today?

The point to get across is not the revolutionary notion of the proletariat fighting the evil bourgeoisie – but to understand that the game is kept going by all of us investing ourselves in the game, whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not. The nature of the game is to keep depleting the Earth, its animals and people, through a carefully orchestrated centrifugation of land, crops and oil. How it ends up being real money in the hands of real people, lies within the structure of our systems: our faith that banks are institutions of the people, that governments are institutions of the people, that corporations simply supply the demand of the people, that media serves the interests of the people. And so – we support, we participate; we live our lives, with pensions and debt and cravings for new merchandise to give us the feeling that we are getting somewhere, that we are moving up in the world. The farmer or factory worker in Nigeria or Cameroon has no chance of breaking the chain. The guys on top of the food chain have no interest in stopping the game. They are just as scared of loosing what they have as the rest. And in between are the rest of us. The middle-class that do no harm, the ones that are not responsible. We each live our lives, privately, separately, only meeting in banks, shops, churches, on game shows on TV or even on Facebook. Many of us see that something needs to change. Some place their fate in spirituality, in positive thinking and in the belief that everything happens for a reason. Cleaning the body, the soul, the earth has become a business of its own. Others want to fight the system, the rich, and the governments and unite in small groups of resistance, going ‘off the grid’ often based on feeling powerless and angry. A vast amount of people play computer games, smoke weed, drink or eat because they don’t know what else to do – and then there are those that embrace the system, exercise, build careers and families, believing in the progress of the Human race.

We all know that a change is required, yet we do not believe that we are the ones required to make it happen for whatever reason we make up for ourselves. It is the governments, the corporations, our parents, God’s, the system’s Responsibility – yet it is clear that none of these are capable of taking Responsibility within their current condition. What we do not see, and yet do see without admitting it to ourselves in full awareness of what that implies, is that our World is the Whole World and that these private lives and ‘worlds’ that we experience on a day to day basis, are based on this illusion of Separation and within this the fear of not surviving and the justification of competition with All other ‘parts’ of life as something ‘natural’ and unchangeable. It is supported by the delusion of ‘free-will’, which is really just a fancy word for self-enslavement – the master becoming his own slave and throwing away the key.  If we take a good, long, hard Self-Honest look at the World and ourselves within it, we will clearly see that the ‘free-will’ that we worship is determined by one thing only: Money. Thus we become our own slaves in the belief of ‘free-will’ as something real – willing to give up everything, to sell ourselves, to become workers pretending to work towards ‘self-realization’ within a career as the main purpose of our lives, most of us secretively desiring to be somewhere else, to be someone else, yet not even able to admit that to ourselves having accepted this basic self-deception of ‘free-will’, determined by the silent taboo of money.

When do you ever hear people talking about money? Really talking about money? We would say; “everyday, all the time” – but that is not so. People talk about survival, about the game of survival, either in frustration or relief or brag about their ability to survive. We do not talk about what is behind money, what we, through the symbol of money, and what money to re-present, have done to ourselves. Some will see it and they will see that what is required is to stop the money-system entirely. But what they are not seeing is that the blame and thus the Responsibility for this condition is placed outside Self – trying to fix the illness by making the symptoms go away – be that money, the system, the government or god. We have allowed money to be the re-presentation of ourselves as individuals and as a whole – dis-playing before our very eyes on an everyday basis, the cruelty and the absurdity of the game we play. It is obvious that if we are playing a game without knowing the rules, we never had a chance of winning in the first place. But if the game cannot continue without us playing, knowing the rules or not – we cannot stand by say that we are not Equally Responsible. The question is thus if we dare changing the rules of the game and even more so: what will happen when we do?

Within the Equality Equation of One plus One being two, it is clear to see that it is possible to change the course of the World through a simple Application of Common Sense. This is not about ideological or life-style politics, it is not about debating between a socialist or capitalist society – It is the Basic Common Sense Realization that we All Participate Equally in this World, though through a System based on Inequality and Separation, a flaw in the Equation that can be solved through the Application of Principle above preference, but where some are in a position currently to make a difference, while others are not. It is those of us who are in a position to make a difference that has the first Responsibility to do so – but that also means the Responsibility to sort out our own miss-calculations and Inequality equations within whatever we Participate within and as, inside ourselves as well as in our daily life experiences, as the One plus One plus One plus One – that can Change the game of Survival to a Life in Equality of All Beings – a Life where we can finally start having fun and play together instead of fighting each other in the delusion of separation and survival that was never more Real than what we have Allowed it to be. Support The Equal Money System to End All Inequality Equations through Self-Responsibility For All as One as Equal as Life.

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Posted by Anna Brix Thomsen on January 17, 2011.

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