The Garden – Symbols –


The visual and linguistic metaphor of The Garden figures heavily in Lightning Path philosophy. The Garden is basically The Garden of Eden. The Garden is our original state before we descended, in sacrifice, beneath The Veil (i.e. before we put the blindfold on to work in duality). The Garden is our original home where you and I and everyone else existed in full power and glory, dancing in wonder and joy, and participating as equals in the unfolding of creation. When we were in The Garden, we existed in full consciousness, full power, and full awareness of our true nature and divinity. When we left The Garden, we put on a blindfold, had a veil draped over our consciousness, and “descended” into darkness (i.e. we forgot who we really were). The reason why we would do such a seemingly absurd thing as sacrifice our awareness and divinity is outlined in my Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order.

The Garden figures in several places in the writings of the Lightning Path. The Garden appears in The Parable of The Garden where we learn the real reason for leaving “eden.” (it wasn’t about some dumb ass serpent, and we weren’t ejected for failing to follow the rules, let me tell you that). The Garden also figures, though a little less overtly, in The Parable of the Blindfold where we look at some of the consequences of leaving The Garden and accepting a limitation on our consciousness. The Garden also figures as the cover of The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order where we see a path through a door leading back into The Garden. We also see the visual idea of The Garden popping up in the Halo/Sharp tarot where it appears in Gaia (who provides a hand in birthing the Garden), in The World and The Universe, and in the sun shiny The Promise. In The Wheel and The Universe the twelve tribes (a.k.a. the twelve signs of the zodiac, a.k.a. all bodies on this earth) are shown working on and finally completing The Great Work which is, as explained in summary fashion in The Book of Life and in a more complete manner in volume four of The Book of Light, ascension. One the Great Work is fulfilled The Call to awaken goes out and we all begin a path of awakening, empowerment, and ascension that returns us, as promised, to our original innocence, power, and glory.