The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend – Parable of the blindfold –

I really, really like this, thank you.

alright. and so for everybody who can agree with this vision, implement it! It’s all spelled out in black and white, so to speak, in this parable. Nothing is left out, implications and directions are specified, and a nice fuzzy warm denouement is envisaged. So lend a hand by using your powers of creation to help manifest reality. Do this as part of your daily GI visualization. Visualize the weakening of priests and profits, visualize people slowly taking of the blindfolds, integrating and moving forward without fear, PUT OUT into the collective consciousness that this place ( has the answers, guidance, and support network that people need to quickly and efficiently cast off the blindfold and return to full power and visionary glory.

And, as much as I would discourage consumption and product purchase because of all the over consumption that goes on, consider a shirt or a mug. I’m going to start advertising the site again and that’s expensive, but a mug on a desk can help put the dove/flame symbol into the collective consciousness and would really help spread the message, and take some of the financial burden off of me.