The Great Work – Symbols –


The phrase “The Great Work” figures prominently in esoteric literature. Most often it is used to refer to some sort of divinely sanctioned process of soul evolution or soul tempering. That is, and according to priests, masons, and other brotherhood members, The Great Work is you. The entire point of your existence is work on your “soul,” to develop, evolve, and eventually pass some stupid cosmic test. If you don’t pass the stupid cosmic test (which currently some pundits suggest will be administered sometimes in 2012), you fail. Consequences for failure vary wildly and range from a simple karmic “do over” (like being held back in grade school), to excruciating, fiery torment, to total annihilation of your soul (“degaussing” as one, um, profit recently said). If you pass then the space ships come to get you, St. Peter welcomes you through the pearly gates, you are “raptured” off this planet, you survive some big pole shift in consciousness, you reconnect with “the all,” graduate, pass go, go to heaven like all good dogs, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah and who cares about the people “left behind.” In order to mask the sheer callous insensitivity of the ideas, they (and by “they” I mean people who benefit from keeping you working hard on the karmic treadmill) attach grandiose phrases to otherwise pedestrian ideas, surround the whole conceptual edifice with a labyrinthine maze of Rocket Science, season it heavily with EPMO so that most people can’t see the core of it, and drown it in the overloaded symbols of an ungrounded right brain. By the end of the mystical, magical, confabulation it all seems like a good idea (ya, we’re here to learn how to be good little boys and girls), but then, with enough perfume, even a pile shit can be made to smell acceptable.

But all that is “old school.”

In my work the Great Work refers specifically to the work of ascension. This work of ascension is neither a moral nor evolutionary task but merely a technical challenge. It’s like learning how to be a carpenter really. Morality or evolution just don’t figure into it. You put in the time, you learn the skills, you build your house, end of story. Although it might not seem like it at the start, this “shift” in purpose is a big philosophical deal.  Just imagine how nice it will be when we stop teaching our children how unworthy they are (i.e. they are idiot rejects from the Garden of Eden needing constant instruction for the mere chance of “redemption), and start teaching them the truth of their divinity and the technical details of manifesting in a body and uplifting this universe. When that day comes I imagine most of the psychological illnesses that currently grasp the psyche of this planet (and which revolve around our shattered self esteem) will begin to evaporate as the light and power of our divinity once again comes shining through.

In any case, a summary of the nature of The Great Work is provided in my The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order. A more complete accounting is provided in my Book of Light, all volumes. You’ll also find mention of The Great Work in the Halo/Sharp tarot system, and especially in the cards UNIVERSE and THE WORLD.