The Lovers becomes Activation – Tarot Book of the Triumph of Spirit –

Tagalog (Philippines)

Additional information and discussion

In the old archetypal system, this is a very confused and confusing card, which is perhaps not surprising given the symbolic overload present. Frankly, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in this card, what to focus on, or what the core message is. There are apples and serpents, an Adam and Eve, a winged angel, a mountain, the sun, a tree on fire and some clouds. Like a badly composed photograph, there’s no focus, no rhyme, and no reason. And while you might be tempted to “dig in” and “go deep” in order to try and figure out what the author of the card was after, to do so would be a waste of time. The lack of focus in this symbolic cornucopia would keep your head spinning around in circles, possibly indefinitely.  You are far better off just to clear the debris and move on to an explication of the clarified archetype which is, as I explain in detail in The Book of the Triumph of Spirit, all about kundalini activation and how it is accomplished.

And just how is kundalini activation accomplished?

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