– The Obama “I told you so” thread –

There have been many times where I haven’t been upset in dialogs on this forum. I think someone has an issue with a hurt ego and that IS THE CRUX of this discourse between you and I. My ego is not so fragile that being stomped on will deter me from who I am, inside or out. My happiness is my happiness, shall I depend on someone to make me happy, then I am in essence giving it away.

I remember that you got into a bit of a discourse with Gina a year or two ago…but yet I don’t hang on to that post and savor it. If I am bitter than everyone who posts on this website about their outrage of ill treatment that is going on on this planet is bitter too. That would include Michael, Gina, Lorraines, DJ, Simon, Angie, ..pretty much everyone.

I don’t remember ALL that I have butted heads and hearts with here on this forum, there have been more than a few…and it is okay because in this we have learned new prespectives, sometimes I will change my prespective, other times I will not. Yet I am not uneased about it in anyway…it is part of learning and it can be a wonderful gift. If it was pointed out that I was straying off my path, I may butt heads and say it is not true, I also take the time to find out if they are seeing something that I am not or can not see. There is no unease here nor bitterness. I can get angry and in that, once again, my anger will propel me to make changes without hurting anyone with words or otherwise. Its too bad that a person cannot write without having passion behind their words on this forum or they will be judged to be bitter. We know the truth of what is really happening here. I don’t think that there is anymore to discuss with you as you are pretty set in your judgement. So then Ami, go ahead and have the last word


Perhaps I do not know the truth, or my words would not have angered you so. They should have told you how I feel about you, perhaps I did not state it in words that you can understand. Again..Much Love HE