– The Obama “I told you so” thread –

Consider, for example, if you were to consume to much lead. and how would a body consume lead in this day and age…unless you are living in a third world country where there is no regulation.

Actually I kind find it offensive in a way since Buffet gives his money to Bill Gates Foundation, so the rich stay in total control of those funds. It’s very paternal and might give them a good feeling about their greed and their role in the suffering of this planet, but like I said, doesn’t change things.

exactly, he’s just another cheeseburger in paradise um, looking for his lost jigger of salt? Is Awakening much more difficult for people in these circumstances? No doubt…but impossible? I would very much hate to think that that is the case. Love to hear your thoughts on this point, Dr. M.

– dj

I would like to hear the thoughts of Dr. M Sharp too!