The Sociology of Religion | The Sociology of Religion

by Dr. Michael S. (Dr. S) · March 19, 2015

This audio file is a “dialog” between myself, Dr. S., and student, Tony, who has completed the Sociology of Religion course at Athabasca University. He’s a scientist, going to be nurse, and in this dialog I talk to him about what he thought about the Sociology of Religion. As he says, it wasn’t what he expected. He expected it to be a materialist free-for-all against the illusions and delusions of Religion, but instead found a balanced, nuanced, bias free explication of the nature, function, and purpose of Religion. Five stars! What’s most interesting though is how this course reset his direction and got him asking more questions! Another win!! We explore some of these question towards the end of this dialog and plan to continue our discussion in the week’s and months ahead.