The Song of Creation – LP Intermediate Books –


The Song of Creation is the new story of genesis and the first book that I wrote when I sat down in 2003 and began this work. This is the story of creation from the beginning to right now, with a special focus on ascension and your role in the process. As part of the Lightning Path Intermediate level of study this book focuses on right thinking and the provision of a true, proper, and empowering archetypal foundation for your bodily consciousness. In order to encourage right thinking about cosmology, creation, and purpose The Song avoids all the ugly, hierarchical, judgmental, paternal, jaw yapping finger wagging of other creation stories and presents you with the glorious and empowering truth of you.

Rather than leaving you sick and depressed, dis-empowered and diminished (i.e. you are rejected idiots from The Garden, or karmic rejects on a multi-lifetime mission of atonement), this story of genesis will lift you up, contribute to your empowerment and awakening, and give you hope. The Song of Creation is presented in the form of an illustrated epic poem. The beautiful illustrations and empowering text make this a perfect coffee table conversation starter.

Available from: (see side links),, as part of the Lightning Path Intermediate Package Deal (either as eBooks or print), and as an individual book* through the LP Store. Note, volume discounts of between 40% and 50% apply through the Lightning Path store.