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Making Open Access Affordable and Sustainable

The Free Open Journal Systems Platform

Scholarly Exchange has one objective – to foster open communication among scholars and researchers worldwide.

We provide scholarly journals a free software-and-hardware platform to publish scholarly knowledge, using the open-source Open Journal Systems (developed by the Public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia).

The platform is complete, offering web-based editorial management (manuscript collection, peer review, editorial decision-making) and online display. Open Journal Systems software is fully and easily configurable. It can be set up in less than an hour.

Scholarly Exchange provides complete hosting along with the software, eliminating all implementation issues. SE maintains routine backup services with secure off-site storage. Information on the support available for the OJS platform is available here.

For complete, easy-to-read documentation of the comprehensive features, view and download the free Open Journal Systems documentation.

Scholarly Exchange offsets its costs with contextually appropriate advertising and shares excess revenue with participating journals.

The Fine Print

Scholarly Exchange provides the software and service in conjunction with relevant on-screen advertising at no cost for the first year. SE provides its journal clients with a quarterly accounting of advertising revenue received. If revenues for a given year fail to reach $1500, the journal has the option of contributing the difference within ninety days of the annual accounting or discontinuing the service.

Advertisements displayed will be contextually appropriate and supplied by a national ad-linking firm such as Google or Yahoo. Journal clients may opt out of the advertising program by paying the annual fee. Advertising revenues exceeding the annual fee are shared evenly by the journal and Scholarly Exchange.

Journal clients retain complete ownership of their own domain names, the content, and the metadata stored on the Scholarly Exchange-provided platform. Scholarly Exchange strongly encourages journals to archive their content in online repositories and archives.