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Making Open Access Affordable and Sustainable

How to sign up

Be sure to look over the free OJS documentation and take a trial run if you wish.

Then send us an e-mail telling us

  • the nature of your journal’s contents
  • whether it is a new journal or already in print or electronic form
  • who owns and who publishes the journal now (if an existing title)
  • who is responsible for editorial, technical/publishing, and finance (one or more individuals) and appropriate addresses and telephone + e-mail contact information
  • when you would like to begin using Scholarly Exchange
  • if you have back issues to be back-loaded, do not have time to do it, and require technical assistance from Scholarly Exchange (support charges may apply)
  • any other questions or concerns you have

Scholarly Exchange will contact you promptly. We use e-mail and Skype (the free global computer-to-computer telephony service available at www.skype.com) as methods of contact.

We are eager to welcome you to the world of open access.