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Making Open Access Affordable and Sustainable

Printing your journal

There are reasons that some electronic journals continue to produce a print edition. It may be a requirement for library archiving, a benefit of membership in a society, or simply a matter of convenience for readers at the present time.

Fortunately, the printing industry has responded to the need for shortl-run publications in a number of ways. One can produce limited editions through a number of xerographic-like techniques, and the edition size can be limited to a run of one copy – true print-on-demand at prices that are economical. Many of these short-run or print-on-demand (POD) services will also manage subscription services for your journal, avoiding inventory and fulfillment costs.

One simple solution that some journals have adopted is to include among the published articles for a given issue or volume or year a PDF that includes all of the articles in that collection. Readers may download the complete set and print it themselves.

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