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This course provides the student with basic psychological and spiritual concept and technique, and practical guidance on understanding and applying technique and concepts to their own lives, and the lives of their own students and clientèle. The course includes discussions of basic technique like breathing, intent, and visualization, discussions of “right thinking” and spiritual safety, as well as advice on the importance of “self care” and trust. The importance of building self esteem in self and client is also discussed.

Offered Feb 8, 2010 – To take, register at the OUL
Offered May 2, 2010 – To take, register at the OUL

LPT-092 -Theology and Cosmology

This course provides the student with the grounded, logical, and accurate cosmological/theological foundations that they need in order to establish themselves as competent and insightful spiritual practitioners. In this course we discuss the nature of God (and god), The Fabric of Consciousness, monadic intensifications, The Unfolding of Creation, the nature of time, the relationship of consciousness to physical matter, the difference between spiritual ego and bodily ego, the semi-independent nature of bodily consciousness, and more.

Offered April 2, 2010 – To take, register at the OUL