War Memoir of Robert Ellwood

Ellwood: We always tried to reach the wounded, accepting of course where the poor beggars couldn’t be attended to or the stretcher bearers were shot down as fast as they went out to collect the wounded and that sort of business. Always some person asking me if I knew of any outstanding act of bravery. Well goodness me every man speaking impersonally everyman who was on the peninsula was a brave man. I don’t care who he was or what he was, whether he was a Turk or whether he was an Australian or any other breed, when he stood up to what they stood up to there in this first instance where we went out to fill in that sap the stretcher bearers the uh attacking party first wave went out in the face of absolutely tremendous fire. Just like hail storm. and the stretcher bearers were supposed to go out and look for the wounded and bring them in.

Well goodness me those that out their head over the top and went five yards were shot without a rifle in their hands with all the red cross on them and all the rest of it; didn’t matter a scrap.