Welcome | The Sociology of Religion

Welcome to the Sociology of Religion. This site is operated by me, Dr. Mike Sosteric. It is an extension, reflection, summary, and teaser for my class Sociology 231 – The Sociology of Religion from Athabasca University. The goal of this site is to introduce the Sociology of Religion, as taught in this class, to a wider audience by providing content samples, student papers, and other resources of interest to those wanting to know more about this thing we call “religion.”

As a note to interested individuals this site, while critical of religion, is also respectful of the core spirituality and spiritual aspirations of the people of this planet. This site does not in any way disparage, demean, or invalidate (what I would call) the “mystical core” that underpins spirituality, religion, and even science. As this web page attempts to show, you can be critical of religion while still accepting the validity of the pursuit of spirituality, enlightenment, God, or however you think about it. And if there is any doubt about the intent here, this class is equally as critical of science. As the materials in this course attempt to demonstrate, science falls down in many of the same areas as “religion” does and, furthermore, science isn’t really that far away from religion as we scientists might like to think. We think we’re different but, as this course demonstrates, we’re in the same existential boat after all.

Anybody can take this course. You can take the course for general interest and enlightenment, or you can apply the credits you receive in this course to any other valid university level credential you are currently working on.

Anyway, my name is Mike Sosteric and I’m the author of this course. Have a seat, look around, and feel free to comment and share. I sincerely hope you find these materials as edifying and enlightening to read as I have found them edifying and enlightening to put together.


Dr. Mike Sosteric