What is the LP ** – Lightning Path Overview –

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So you want to learn more. Awesome! Well, the first question I should probably address is what is the Lightning Path (LP)?

Well, in a nutshell…

In a couple of hundred words or less…

To break it down to essence….

The LP is basically the fulfillment of a promise. It is a fast path back out of the muck and mud of Maya (i.e. illusion and delusion) and back into the full light and power of your glorious spiritual self.

If you want to get technical about it, the LP is basically a blindfold removal system in three parts. Part one, the core part, provides you with a remedial spirituality that teaches you the basic stuff that you should have learned in elementary school. This includes such key philosophical and cosmological concepts like who (or what) is God (and god), who am I (who are you), what am I doing here, what’s happening on planet earth, and stuff like that.

The intermediate part builds on the core part by dismantling the “system” (or The System as I like to call it) in your consciousness. The intermediate level helps you replace all the ugly old world archetypes that keep you “in the box,” and that keep you spiritually and energetically impotent. The intermediate level cleans and shines in order that you may more fully embrace your true identity and purpose.

The advanced level provides you with a complete explanation of life the universe and everything. The advanced level fulfils the promise and provides an turnkey spirituality that provides everything you need to return home. At the advanced level the LP comes through as a completely self contained and sophisticated system of philosophy and spirituality that, in addition to providing and out of the box replacement for all the impotent spiritualites that exist in this world, also provides the theoretical foundations for a spiritually sophisticated psychological, sociological, and scientific enterprise (or at least it will when it is finally complete sometime in 2012).

And why is all this important?

And why should should you care about blindfolds and the system and awakening?

Well, (11:11), I’m inclined to say (11:11) that if you’re asking that question (11:11), it’s an accident that you’re here. So please, don’t let me waste any more of your time (but do feel free to come back later if you desire). On the other hand, if that nagging feeling is getting too big to ignore, if you just know there’s something up on planet earth, and if you don’t want to waste your time with priests, prophets, and gurus who don’t know what they are talking about (but like to pretend that they do), then welcome home! You will find the answers you are looking for here.

If you want to learn more, I recommend you have a look at the quick start guide. Alternatively, pick a couple of the books off the main page and start with those. A list of currently available book translations is available as well.