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At this point in your study you should have been working with the LP Intermediate materials, and in particular The Great Invocation, for at least a couple of months. Doing the Great Invocation activates your physical unit and begins to bring “issues” to the surface. After doing the GI for a bit (typically you do the visualization several times a day for a few seconds), you’ll experience buried fears, oppressions, or any of a number of other blockages which may constrict energy flow through the chakras. You’ll identify these issues and blockages and slowly (or rapidly in some cases) work to clear them so the energy flows freely. It is a process that takes between six months and two years, on average.

The goal of the intermediate study is basically to put you in touch with your power. Despite what “they” may have said (see this article on the Dogma of Limitation) you really are a powerful creator and after doing the GI you should clearly see the link between the awesome creative power of your physical unit, and the things happening in your life. How else are you going to explain, after all, the emergence of once buried issues and fears? You do the chakra activation, the contents of your consciousness explode into reality. The Great Invocation makes realizing the the connection a no brainer. If you can change the reality you live in just by doing a little energetic activation, there’s obviously more going on than “they” told you. Of course, it is a little more complicated than the “law of attraction” folks would have you believe (they just want you to believe its a simple matter of passive attraction, and they want to blame you when it doesn’t work), but the principle is the same. As above in consciousness, so below in matter becomes much more direct and obvious when you activate your physical unit.

Now once you’ve realized you got more power than you were taught then the next step is working with and respecting that power. At some point at this level you wil realize the full significance of the statement as above in consciousness, so below in matter and when you do, when you have that resonating “aha” moment, then you’ll also realize that the contents of consciousness, i.e. the ideas and images, thoughts and archetypes, that you have in your brain are of critical importance. As I say in the introduction to The Book of Light, consciousness is the root of all things and if that’s the case, then you really need to pay attention to what’s in your brain and mind. More than that, you really need to work on getting what is in your brain right. If consciousness is the root of all things then you don’t want anything in your brain that provides any kind of foundation for any kind of reality that you do not to manifest. Put another way, if you want to awaken and empower, if you want to take full advantage of the power of your physical unit, and if you want to participate in the process of “shifting” this reality away form the ugly old world of greed, suffering, and war and towards a new world of prosperity, happiness, and peace, then you have to START with what’s in your brain. You have to start by getting rid of all the ugly ideas and archetypes put there as part of your standard “indoctrination” proces, ideas which manifest a world of servitude and impotence, and replace them with ideas that support your empowerment and the transformation of this planet.

That’s where the Halo/Sharp Tarot system comes in. When you combine the cards, the associated Book (i.e. The Book of the Triumph of Spirit), and the ancillary resources on this website, the Halo/Sharp system provides a complete system of “mental sanitation.” The Halo/Sharp systems helps you go into your thinking processeses, dig around in the (often unconscious) muck and mud of your indoctrination, and remove any “wrong ideas” that may be preventing you from full activation and awakening, and may be contributing to the manifestation of the old world. Put it in twenty words or less, once you realize your power then you have to be sure that your power is being used for purposes that you want it to be used for (i.e. awakening, activation, and global transformation). At this level you are going to use the Halo/Sharp tarot system to examine your thinking processes and ensure that you have right thinking patterns in your brain.

I explain how to do this in the introduction to The Book of the Triumph of Spirit but I can summarize here. Basically, you pick a card and then work work on that. Say you pick The Fool becomes Joyful. First of all you read The Book of the Triumph of Spirit and learn how the The Fool card (probably the most widely recognized tarot card in existence) represents a part of an idea that enslaves you. Do you believe that life is a school house and you are a karmic newbie here to learn your lessons? Then bow down to your teachers. Do you believe that you are a fool on a mission of soul development? Then listen to the priests and the prophets? Do you believe that you are broken in some way, an imperfect creation of God entering into incarnation to win your way back to heaven? Then do what you’re told or else burn in hell. Look at the old world card and examine your thinking. Do you think like that? Then it is time to replace that thinking with Halo/Sharp concepts and imagery because the Truth is, you’re not a “fool” on some educational foray into manifestation. That idea simply disempowers you and makes you open to authority, direction, and external influence (i.e. brainwashing and propoganda) because it primes you to listen to what authority has to say. Instead believe and know that you are a JOYFUL MASTER of creation here to do a job for which we have TRAINED and for which you have full authority. So stop kow towing to authority and doing what you’re told. Embrace your inner divinity, understand your creative mastery, and take charge of this reality.

You can see the fundamental difference in ideas. One archetype, “the fool” archetypes disempowers and diminishes you and the other empowers and enables you.And if the principle as above in consciousness, so below in matter is correct, then do you really want that “fool” archetype (which finds its way into your thinking in many subtle ways), to be percolating in your brain? Do you really want to be using your newfound creative power (a power that will only expand as you continue your chakra cleansing and activation) to manifest that idea?

Of course not!

So take this seriously.

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