What to do with the Song of Creation – LP Intermediate Articles –

In the beginningSpirit was and Spirit moved.Alpha and omega.Beginning without end.No thing and everything contained in one unlimited, unrealized potential.And then, Spirit thought.

And from that thought sprang all of creation.


As noted throughout this study guide one of the key tasks at the LP Intermediate level is mental sanitation or right thinking. Taking the principle as above in consciousness, so below in matter seriously, the LP Intermediate provides a set of tools that you can use to ensure right thinking. The Song of Creation is part of that tool set. The Song of Creation is a new story of genesis, a new creation story, that provides an alternative, and what I would argue is canonical, story of creation. This story avoids all the ugly, violent, weirdness of standard of standard creation stories. Here you will find no smashed faces, no shameful banishment, no violent punishment, no war, no evil, and no exclusions. This story includes and empowers everybody regardless of race, sex, skin color, class, or other superficial physical characteristics In short, The Song of Creation provides a story of collective creation, glory, and our magnificent shared divinity that you can use to replace the heaping piles of violent, hierarchical, garbage too long passed off as knowledge and wisdom on this planet.

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