What you'll learn – Advanced – LP Advanced Study Guide –

Tagalog (Philippines)

At the LP Advanced level you will fill in the details of the previous levels. At this level our knowledge base really explodes as we, having eliminated fear, misconception, and the worst of oppressive socialization, pull out the spiritual stops and beginning discussing things as spiritual adults. At this level there isn’t any beating around the bush or gentle presentation. Here we know you have a good sense of your identity (as a spark of creator consciousness), a solid and empowering set of archetypes (gleaned from your study of the Halo/Sharp tarot system at the intermediate level), and a strong conceptual foundation and so we cover extensive spiritual, philosophical, and cosmological ground. At this level we will talk in more detail about the nature of God, consciousness, and creation (see the complete Book of Light series), the process and potential pathology of chakra activation (The Book of Magic) and even explicate the deep magic of creation that has been exploited on this planet to enslave and dis-empower (The Book of Songs). And the best thing is, you won’t fry your brain cells or to devote an entire lifetime. This is a “mystery school” done right. Concepts and ideas are presented with clarity and precision and no space is left for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. It’s all right here, out in the open, presented in common language, within straightforward grammatical structures, and in a way that anyone will be able to understand, so you can make your own decision about what you to do, and how you want to do it.

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