What you'll learn – Intermediate – LP Intermediate Study Guide – The Great Awakening – Awaken, Empower, Ascend

At the LP Intermediate level you will learn about ascension, starseeds, crystal children, the nature of energy, the energetic balance of yin/yang, and the struggle to emancipate this planet from systems of energy extraction designed to enrich a few, but impoverish the many. You will also learn more about your body’s energy system and the fears, concepts, and ideas that keep you impotent and disempowered. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will learn about archetypes, how these archetypes are used to control the reality of this planet, and what you can do to change the archetypes, and change the reality.

Overall, the LP Intermediate level provides you with a program of “mental sanitation” whereby you will clear out all the gunk and guck of old world systems of thinking and replace that gunk with empowering new crystalline thought structures that help move you (and others around you) forward into a new state of existence. Keep in mind this is a collective process and we move only as far as those around us, so be patient and be prepared to help.

The LP Intermediate also extends LP psychology from that introduced in The Basic Book by discussing, in some detail, the psychology of archetypes (The Book of Songs), why archetypes are important, how they related to creation and manifestation, and what we, as psychologists, can do to correct disempowering archetypes and emancipate our clients.

All told the LP Intermediate provides you with the guidance and information that you need in order to make the shift.