What you'll learn – Post Secondeary – LP Secondary/post-secondary –

It is hard to encapsulate the materials of the post-secondary level in a single paragraph since the content is much more wide ranging and involved. At this level however we break out of a focussed study of the Lightning Path and begin incorporating and (where necessary) modifying current disciplinary understandings.

At this post-secondary level we start with a study of sociology. As we see as we jump into the sociological content, there isn’t much of a stretch involved in bringing sociology in line with LP thinking. In fact what we really accomplish with the sociological aspect of the program is to flesh out some of the economic, political, and social commentary that was only vaguely discussed at the core through advanced levels. The goal of the sociology part of the program is really to bring to life all the commentary on The System I make through the introductory materials. From the mechanisms used to socialize and indoctrinate individuals, through the harsh political and economic realities of power, stratification, and inequality, through the weirdness of gender socialization, and even an examination of how the elites use religion and spirituality to control, the sociology we provide is geared towards deeping your understanding of The System and how it works.

Following our more in depth analysis of the system we then move into a study of psychology. Our study here begins with an introduction to basic Lightning Path Psychology. This introduction broaches the ontological underpinnings of LP psychology as well as introducing the LP  definitions for key psychological constructs like the ego, instincts, psychology pathologies, and so on. Where appropriate LP advancements are linked to extant psychological understandings, in particular Freud’s seminal, extremely influential, if hugely misguided depiction of the human psyche. Following this introduction we take a closer look at what a LP based developmental psychology looks like, and delve deeply into chakra pathology and abnormal psychology as understood through the lense of The Lightning Path.

By the end of your study you should have a thorough and complete understanding of The System and its impact on the individual physical unit, as well as a basic understanding of what needs to be done to heal an individual negatively impacted by The System. You will also have a solid academic groundwork that will provide a foundation for any further research and development you may wish to conduct, including any work in developmental psychology, psychopathology, the modification of current therepeutic systems to more accurately represent the psychological and spiritual truths of the physical unit, psychometrics for use in evaluation and treatement, or whatever your specialization happens to be.