When to move on – Intermediate – LP Intermediate Study Guide – 대각 – 자각 능력을 주소서 Ascend

Depending on how much time you put into the practical components of activation and mental sanitation, you are probably going to spend between six months and five years at this level, with two years being a good average. The reason for this is simply because at this level you move far beyond a mere intellectual understanding of spiritual concepts and really begin to move into the area of enlightenment and even mystical experience. As explained in The Dossier of the Ascension, initially this will involve the manifestation and clearing of fears, issues and blockages that suppress your physical unit, but later on it will involve positive creative work, visions, vivid dreams, and other glimpses of the reality beyond the veil (or the reality that you can see without the blindfold on). How long it takes you to clear your issues and fears in order that you can peel off The Blindfold and move on (at the LP Advanced level) to the important creative work you came here to do will depend on:

  1. how much time you put into it and
  2. the amount of resistance around you
  3. whether or not you a) need and b) seek guidance and assistance.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with the Great Invocation and working on the issues, if you don’t take the mental sanitation part of the program seriously, if you get stuck and you don’t reach out for help, or if you are experiencing a lot of resistance from those around you who may be threatened and fearful of your forward progress, it will take longer. But that’s ok. This is not a race after all. Whatever you do, whether you stay on this path, or step away for periods, always keep the intent to “move forward” in your mind. That is, always say to yourself “I wish to move forward” even if you don’t really mean it, or have stepped far away from the LP. Doing so will help ensure you are always drawn back to an authentic path of spirituality, even if you do get led astray, or go on temporary furlough, or whatever.

With all this said, here are some things you can use to decide for yourself when it is time to “graduate” and move on to the LP Advanced level. You can move on when:

  1. You understand all the concepts and ideas in the key concepts section of the Intermediate level curricula. All of these concepts are defined in the LP Intermediate books and The SpiritWiki. If you have questions and don’t understand something, don’t be shy. Ask your questions on the forums and we’ll be happy to elaborate or explain.
  2. Your practice of the Great Invocation no longer brings up fears that need to be walked through or issues that need to be resolved. It may take some time for this, especially when you are dealing with Big Fears, and it may also take several iterations. Because of the deeply programmed nature of the Big Fears, for example, you can expect to have them “come up” more than once. You know you are making progress with these fears, however, if each time they come up they are attenuated (i.e. weakened). Keep bringing them up, keep walking through them, and they’ll eventually diminish into nothing.
  3. You no longer think with the judgmental, hierarchical, and exclusionary crapola of “old world” thinking.
  4. Spending time “in the old world” makes you uncomfortable, or causes you pain.
  5. Having dreams, visions, or mystical experiences does not “unground” you.

At this level I will assume that you have at least introduced yourself on the forums but if not, consider doing so now. Spirituality is no joke and nobody should have to walk the path of awakening and empowerment alone or without support. We’re all part of the same spiritual family and are all here to help each other with this process. And besides, you will find that the difference between getting stuck and spinning your wheels, or turning in terror away from your own divinity, is often as simple as a few words from a knowledgeable guide or mentor. You know deep inside that this process of awakening and empowerment is important so put aside your pride and ego and ask for assistance or explanation when you feel you need it.

And if you’re not convinced by this, let me say this. As a university teacher I have always told my students that the only thing that prevented them from learning was the feeling that they were stupid. When you feel you are stupid, you are afraid to ask for guidance and help, and afraid to ask questions, and that stops the learning train dead on the tracks. Unfortunately, the truth is, and thanks to the old world archetypes and educational systems that emphasize your stupidity, a lot of people think they are stupid. I used to see students who I knew were struggling with concepts who simply would not raise their hands and ask a question because they thought the professor (me) and the other students would think them THE FOOL. I can understand their fear because that is what happens in the education system which is constantly ranking and comparing and ridiculing those who do not perform. But it wasn’t like that in my classes, and it is not like that here, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek guidance. The Truth is, the best way to learn is not by doing (that just takes longer), but by asking questions and learning from those who already know, and that’s what the smart students do, they ask questions, and lots of them. And if somebody puts them down for that, or laughs at them, they know that the problem is with the idiot who’s laughing (who is just covering over their own damaged self-esteem by putting down someone else), and not the person who is asking the question.  So don’t be afraid. If you are having difficulty, ask some questions.